Embark on a transformative fitness journey with Ethos Performance's diverse range of services. From personalized 1:1 training and invigorating small group sessions to our specialized Strength and Conditioning program, we tailor our offerings to empower athletes at every level, ensuring a path to peak performance and holistic well-being.

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Physical Therapy

We are human movement experts that have an array of knowledge and tools to identify movement dysfunction and provide the necessary stimulus to create lasting and beneficial changes to the human body. Whether you’re recovering from a surgery, dealing with shoulder pain, or experiencing a decline/loss of function –Physical Therapy is right for you!

Strength and Conditioning

Elevate your athletic game with our specialized Strength and Conditioning program at Ethos Performance. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each athlete, our comprehensive approach focuses on building strength, enhancing endurance, and optimizing performance. Whether you're a professional seeking to dominate your sport or a college athlete on the path to greatness, our expert trainers are dedicated to sculpting your physique and maximizing your potential.

Sports Medicine

We’re committed to our athletes from day one and help provide them with the confidence that the rehabilitation process will not only help them recover from their existing injury, but also become a better athlete by identifying and treating movement pattern dysfunction throughout the rehabilitation process.

1:1 Training

Experience personalized excellence with our 1:1 training sessions at Ethos Performance. Our skilled trainers provide individualized attention, crafting custom workout plans to address your specific goals and challenges. Whether you're aiming to improve agility, build muscle, or enhance overall fitness, our tailored approach ensures a focused and results-driven training experience. Unlock your full potential with the guidance of our dedicated coaches.

Dry Needling

Clinically, dry needling has been useful for patients that have been dealing with chronic pain, nagging muscle spasms/aches, limited mobility, decline in function/performance, and those that have trouble sleeping or maintaining sustained postures due to pain.

Small Group Training

Forge connections and fuel your motivation with our Small Group Training sessions at Ethos Performance. Join a dynamic community of like-minded individuals as you embark on a shared journey toward fitness success. Led by our experienced trainers, these sessions blend camaraderie with expert guidance, creating an environment that fosters collective achievement. Push your limits, celebrate milestones, and experience the power of collaborative training in our small group sessions.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screening and Treatment Plan

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is dedicated to helping golfers across the globe achieve an efficient golf swing, and help correct faulty mechanics that are leading to pain responses that eventually can lead to tissue breakdown and subsequent injury.

Through a golf specific screen and assessment, we can help build a rehabilitation and fitness program that aids golfers in improving their movement capabilities, swing mechanics, and help you improve your golf game with less pain and improved function.