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Vicky D'Errico

I'm a dedicated athlete with a passion for combat sports and fitness. Starting my journey at a young age I excelled in boxing, where I achieved a 125lb women's New England Golden Gloves championship.

As the current Barstool Sports Rough N Rowdy Women’s champion (4-0), I've proven my skills in the ring. Beyond boxing, I've ventured into NPC fitness bikini competitions and embraced Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a hobby. In order to further my knowledge and challenge myself I also became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

Ethos Performance has played a pivotal role in elevating my strength, speed, power, and overall athletic performance. My journey is a testament to their determination and dedication in helping their athletes accomplish their goals.

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Anthony Witherstone

◦ NFL - 2023 Signed Undrafted Free Agent (KC Chiefs)
◦ UFL - 2023 XFL rookie draft pick (STL Battlehawks)

An athlete since the age of four sports and fitness has played a pivotal part in my development as a student-athlete, professional athlete, and person. A two time RI High School All-State athlete in Football and Volleyball, I eventually went on to Merrimack College to play football. Putting together a career playing Cornerback that included being team captain, playing in 35 games with 24 starts. While also studying Rehabilitation Science in Undergraduate School and Studying Exercise and Sports Science in Graduate School. After college I was able to extend my football career and am currently still playing professionally.

Without Ethos Performance I wouldn’t be half the athlete I am today. Whether it’s setting and accomplishing goals to get bigger, faster, and stronger. Or recovering from injuries, and preparing for an upcoming season. They always pushed me to take my game to the next level all the way from high school, to college, and then eventually the pros. If you are looking to train with coaches that have an intense dedication to make you better with expertise knowledge, that focus on the attention to detail. Then Ethos Performance is the place to be.

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